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Than Merrill Books Info

Off hand this name may not spring out at individuals as someone who is a notable author. But for those looking to get involved in real estate investing Than Merrill is one author they should acquaint themselves with. A real estate investor himself Than Merrill has written these books through his own experiences and now passes the knowledge on to readers. As far as which books by the author a person should read before venturing into real estate investing, here are some recommendations.

The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Get Started in Real Estate Investing

For those wanting to learn all about wholesale real estate investing this book could be well worth the investment. Here Than Merrill lays out the groundwork on how to go about finding those properties. The book takes a reader through each step of the process, giving out the needed information to get started. This book is available in paperback and kindle form.

The E-Myth Real Estate Investor

Here is another great book to read in which Than Merrill co-authored with Michael E. Gerber. In this one, the reader is given information on how to start and maintain as striving real estate investment business. Literally taking the guesswork out of how to get started and managing the operations.

The Twelve Commandments of How Wealthy People Think: Real Estate Guide to Flipping Houses

This book goes into not only how to go about real estate investing but also flipping houses. Not familiar with this term basically it's buying a house that is terrible shape at a very low price renovating it and then selling for a large profit.

These are some popular books written by Than Merrill. For anyone wanting to go into real estate investing at least reading one of these would be recommended. After all, when it comes to going into such a business venture doing research is essential. , Than Merrill is a name to remember, when it come to looking for books to read on this subject.

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